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Spine + Joint + Muscle


  • Disc Disease Repair

  • Herniated Disc Repair

  • Epidural Stem Cell Treatments

  • Mechanical and Structural Repair of the Spine

  • Bursitis Treatment

  • Fingers + Hands + Wrists

  • Cartilage Repair and Regrowth

  • Facet Damage Repair

  • X-Ray Guided Joint Injections

  • Partial Muscle Tear Repair

Do you struggle with:

joint pain, bursitis, partial muscle tears, tendonitis, facet joint damage, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spine ailments or other joint + spine challenges?

Experience your ideal health! 

We believe that each of our patients deserves one on one attention and an individualized protocol to achieve their Ideal Health. Contact us today to schedule a Spine + Joint + Muscle consultation.

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